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NTR Automotive provide technology solutions to tackle the most important issues presented to businesses within the automotive sales industry. Our range of solutions cater for both big and small businesses alike; from smaller independent dealerships through to large dealership groups and auction houses.

With our top level people collectively having more than 50 years experience in the automotive sales industry, NTR Automotive is in the best position to know what is really important to dealerships and have worked hard to create systems tailored specifically to improving your bottom line and making the running of your profitable business easier.

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What I like about NTR is the cost and the customization that they offer, because we are a small store and it helps that we can get great technology and service at an extremely good cost! Let’s be honest we are car dealers and we want something simple that we can get done without being too tech savvy and that is exactly what NTR has provided for us here @ Mazda of Wooster.

-David Li / Dealer Principal Mazda of Wooster OH